Welcome to my DEATH MACHINE, interloper!


Hello, I'm "Zola Gorgon". Illustrator, painter, collage maker, writer, performer??? friend and nothing. I was born in Sweden in 1992, moved to London in 2013, and in 2017 to Berlin. I refused to learn anything in school because the only thing I ever cared about was drawing, music, and dreams which were more real to me than education, work, or the endless municipial buildings and sensible housing projects that made up my surroundings and the supposed "consensus reality" from which I constantly escaped. By bringing myself up this way, I became very smart yet also in other ways incredibly stupid. I'm not useful - you cannot make use of me. I shit on worldly success and social climbing. I love beauty and I love my friends. I love reading, drawing, writing, and making things in general. I like to talk and I talk a lot if given the chance. It is my dream to write ""the great bisexual novel"".

jag vässar min tand
och tänker ibland
på alla som skyr
en stackars vampyr